color blind people should be allowed to get driver license

Due to the work arrangement, often responsible for the re-examination of color vision examination failed medical personnel. Having read a lot about people with abnormal color vision, and having contact with them almost every day, I often find myself in a dilemma: according to the criteria of the Color Blindness Checklist, I have rarely met real color blind people, and those I have detected are color blind. But they all insisted they could tell the traffic lights, some of which I’m sure they could, but it didn’t help.

Some places do not check color vision at all, we do not understand but can not change. Isn’t it discrimination to deprive people with colour vision of the right to drive? Having heard too many complaints, indignation, and even threats, I sympathize but still can’t give them a pass. Because I’m just working! My colleagues will be implicated and the department will be shut down! (It’s not that it hasn’t happened before…)


I'm Colorblind

Therefore, you may be wronged, may not accept, really can do, may find a way to protect rights.

I hope we can care for people with abnormal color vision just as we care for the blind and other disabled people.

For example, I went to the driver’s license physical examination this year, and the atlas was not clear at all. The doctor also knew that I had color weakness, but she still let me pass. It is not that she is not responsible, but she clearly know that weak color can also see traffic lights. I think the doctors who have been on the front line for many years are clear, they understand us, and they don’t discriminate against us. What attracts discrimination is the ignorance of most people. My college entrance examination this year, the newspaper volunteer was restricted, originally wanted to learn psychology, but it is possible to record not on. I thought it wouldn’t affect my life, but obviously I was wrong. Now I know, what does it feel like to be discriminated against.

Now the physical examination whether it is the ordinary school hospital or large  hospitals and doctors actually well explain the situation in the color sense are still relatively easy to talk. But if it is admission or entry physical examination may be relatively strict. In fact, the current use of color blindness book for color vision disorders are very comprehensive examination, can distinguish various types of color vision disorders (including all kinds of color blindness and color weakness). However, the doctor may not give you a complete examination, most of which is to take out one or two images (the ones most likely to have color vision problems) and examine you.

In this case, different situations may occur: 1. Numbers on the surface can be seen at a glance (completely normal); 2. 2, need to look carefully for a period of time to see the surface of the number (normal); 3, can not see the number on the surface, but you can see the number inside (according to the table performance of different types of color weakness); 4. Can’t see numbers (color blindness). But in fact, most of the weak color only part of the color is not too sensitive, so the driver body this can be relaxed.

Outside of an Angle, color can be divided into hue, saturation and lightness (brightness). Patients with chromaticity are relative to hue, but are very sensitive to the brightness of color. Color blindness is to confuse the tested by using colors of the same brightness. But the same lightness is rarely found in nature, which is why people with chromaticity can work in color-demanding jobs such as art design and typography. And they didn’t know they had color vision problems until they took the test.

In the actual color blindness test, there are also complex numbers behind the test, that is not used for special inspection, it is clearly written in the front of the book. Obviously the bar is set too high, so color blindness is designed for drivers? Of course it’s not possible to be completely red-green colorblind, but most people are monored or monogreen colorblind and can drive without a problem. Has spawned a lot of gray industry, look at a treasure on how many sell color blind glasses, look at the agency point how many packages of physical examination, and even offer 1000 have. Fortunately, it is just a color blind, a little on the back.


The structure of the domestic existing test color blindness may flawed, and there is a color blindness patients can tell red from green, but you can not deny the fact that a large part of their sensitivity to the colour below average, traffic accident often happens in a flash, you can distinguish of traffic lights on weekdays not sure those who profess color blindness patients in emergency can quickly identify, More can not be determined in the rain, snow, wind and sand and other weather when their ability to distinguish.


Color blindness is not wrong, color blind people should not be discriminated against, we are lucky to have good color vision.